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Tribal World View

Study of traditional and "Ballet style" Djembe drumming has led me to further explore the musical traditions of the Malinke people of Mali and Guinee, West Africa. Of course, it was only a matter of time before I began piecing together my own project. This is not traditional music from this region, and is not meant to represent traditional styles of music, but is an original project influenced by the music of these peoples and heavily filtered through my own warped musical view.

The first project under this name is a play-along CD for djembe drummers. The pieces on the CD are traditional dunun (bass drum) melodies which the djembe players accompany. No good Djembe Fola plays without a dunun player, so for those times when one is scarce (let alone three), here's a "pocket version."
Track 2 - Koukou

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The first music CD from the TWV will musically depict an African folktale about the "one who comes at night," and the three men who decided to hunt the beast down.