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Welcome to

Raleigh, NC based Inner Sanctum Studio has been my life-long dream project recording studio. Starting out as a keyboard and a MIDI interface, it has evolved into the perfect percussion recording haven. From here, I can create drumset and percussion tracks for any project, from singer-songwriter demos to orchestral overdubs. And, of course, this is the home for all of my personal recording projects, as well. With the advent of internet-based remote recording, I can now collaborate with musicians from any part of the world, sending drum and percussion tracks via email or even collaborative real time recording sessions!

the inner sanctumsome inner sanctum mallet instruments
inner sanctum hand drums


  • recording facilities suitable for projects from demo songs to full CD releases
  • on-site or remote (internet-based) recording opportunities
  • drum/percussion sample and loop creation
  • video sync to score motion pictures
  • Finale-based score production (lead sheets to full orchestral scores)


  • Recording/Production
    • PC based recording system using Zynewave Podium
    • M-Audio recording interfaces
    • Portable recording system (Fostex MR-8 digital recorder)
    • Mackie and Behringer mixers
    • Shure, CAD, and Apex Microphones
  • Instruments
    • Mapex M series drumset (7 piece)
    • Paiste and Wuhan Cymbals
    • West African, Cuban, and Middle Eastern hand percussion
    • full complement of orchestral percussion instruments
    • mallet percussion (vibes, marimba, orchestra bells, baliphon)
    • standard and exotic effects percussion