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World Rhythm Essentials

For those just entering the world of hand drums (djembe, congas, dumbek, and others), it can be a little daunting trying to figure out the rhythmic posibilities without a little direction. Of course, it's always best to find a teacher who can work with you one on one, but these video lessons can help offer a first step toward how to play your drum authentically and effectively.

The exercises discussed in the video lesson segments refer to a sheet of notation, which you can view or download to help give a visual reference of what's going on.

Part 1 - Introduction

Discussion and demonstration of holding the drum and producing the three basic tones.

Part 2 - Warm-Up and Djembe Rhythms

A warm up exercise to get more comfortable with the three basic drum tones, and some traditional djembe rhythms using them.

Part 3 - Conga and Dumbek Rhythms

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