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Drums on Demand Interest Form

Thanks for your interest in Drums On Demand! The first step is to provide some information about your song and your general preferences...

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What type of track would you like?
Basic Drumset
Percussion - bells and whistles, more color than groove.
Separate Drum and Percussion tracks (warning, second track adds $20)
"Hybrid" track - create a groove using non-standard instruments (ex, djembe and shakers instead of bass, snare and hi-hats)

Drumming style you prefer
AC/DC - straight ahead, no frills, rock!
Toto - simple, groovin, with the occasional flourish.
King Crimson - make it a piece of art!

Any special requests or comments:

Sending this form is an initial contact, and in no way obligates you (or me)to continue. I'll send a response back to you with the next step ASAP!