Bodhisattva Uncaged

Here are some pictures from the Bodhisattva Percussion Group's May 07, 2005 performance for the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra family concert series. Thanks to Mike Marvin and family for taking the pics!

Andrew Munger Introducing the players, Andrew Munger...
Kevin Rader-Rodenbaugh... Kevin Rader-Rodenbaugh
Merritt Partridge Merritt Partridge...
and Andrew Riley! Andrew Riley
The military history of American drumming The military history of American drumming...
soon mutated into playing jazz for the dancers! Jazz drumming!
BPG gets ready to play John Cage's Third Construction On stage for Cage (John, that is)
and you come in now! BPG performs John Cage's Third Construction
further into the world of Cage now!?!
a "subtle" china cymbal roll a not-so-subtle china cymbal roll during Cage's Third Construction
bass drum roar not just any lion's roar, but a BASS lion's roar!!
the conch-shell horn The conch shell horn enters
somewhere deep in the Third Construction was that M or N?
I'm going with N! At letter N...we think!
searching for the right instrument during the Third Construction where did I put that ratchet?
don't pass out, it's almost over! in the home stretch!
the grand finale! the grand finale!
much applause for our conductor, Christina Thompson! applause
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