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Bodhisattva Percussion Group

Bodhisattva Percussion Group

(bdĭstwa) [Sanskrit,=enlightenment-being], generally, any being destined for enlightenment or intent on enlightenment. One becomes a bodhisattva by arousing the "mind of enlightenment," taking a vow to attain supreme enlightenment for the sake of all beings. The bodhisattva does not aspire to leave the round of birth-and-death (samsara) before all beings are saved; he is thus distinguished from the arahant of earlier Buddhism, who allegedly seeks nirvana only for himself . The practice of a bodhisattva consists of the six "perfections" or paramitas: charity (dana), morality (sila), forbearance (ksanti), diligence (virya), meditation (dhyana), and wisdom (prajna). Both laymen and monks may be regarded as bodhisattvas
- from the Columbia Encyclopedia

The Bodhisattva Percussion Group is a chamber percussion ensemble, stylistically falling between the "classical percussion" ensembles (Kroumata, Nexus) and the "ethnic drum" groups (Planet Drum, Drums of Passion). Capable of performing in either idiom, we feel we are at our best combining these styles to create a new sound, stimulating for both performer and audience.

The Bodhisattva Percussion Group is comprised of a revolving roster of percussion performers dedicated to expanding the possibilities of their craft, but who have also made a commitment to spend a great deal of time and energy sharing the fruits of their labors and guiding others along the path of study of the percussive arts. We are performers and teachers, seekers and sharers, artists and entertainers. It is through the one that we realize the other.

We feel that it is through education that we come to know ourselves, perfect our craft, and ensure the artistic integrity of ourselves and those who will follow in our footsteps.

The Bodhisattva Percussion Group members include:

Andrew Munger specialty:
Symphonic Percussion
Merritt Partridge specialty:
Jason Schmidt specialty:
Frame Drums
Jubal Creech specialty:
Leon Baker specialty:
Marching Percussion
Kevin Rader-Rodenbaugh specialty:
Andrew Riley specialty:
Symphonic Percussion

View some pictures from our last show!

Special - I printed up too many demo CDs for our last gig, so I'm selling off the rest of them first-come-first-served at a special low price! Check out the Catalog page for details!

upcoming projects...

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    A collection of duets and trios featuring percussion and other instruments -sample-
  • Around The World In 80 Grooves
    A world tour of percussion grooves featuring
    • Funk (North America)
    • Afro-Cuban
    • European Classical
    • West African demo
    • Indian Tala
    • Australian Aborigine music
  • Word Of The Day
    percussion improvisations to enrich your wordpower