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Tour Diary May 19 2015

May 19th, 2015 · No Comments · life of a percussionist

We’re getting to parts of the country where internet access is spotty, so i’ll try and hit some highlights of the past few days.

Sunday, we woke to the strongest winds we’ve encountered yet. The pressure fluctuations were not treating Christina’s sinuses kindly, so we hit the road as quick as possible. We finished out the badlands loop and headed toward Rushmore. At the end of the loop was the famous Wall Drug, so of course we had to stop there. I gave in and tried a buffalo burger (obviously a frozen pattie, so hard to judge), and did a little cheap souvenier shopping. Christina got a jackalope to sit on our dash, and I got a horsehair bracelet. I’ve noticed that I get more and more hippiefied as our trips go on! After we got on the road, we had our biggest adventure yet. We’ve been joking about getting a “honk if anything falls off sticker”. We would have used it here! A gust of wind hit, and I happened to be watching a truck in the rearview, and I saw pieces go flying! I pulled over as soon as I could, scared thst our patched-on side would be gone, but it was still there. Climbing up to the roof, I found that the housing for our a/c unit was completely gone. Thankfully, it wasn’t directly connected to the roof, so no more roof holes to deal with. After all that, we were glad to find a little camping spot in Rapid City. Bonus – clean, hot showers and a cheap laundry room!


Monday morning, we took advantage of the aforementioned amenities, then headed to an RV shop for a new a/c cover, which we installed in the parking lot. On to Rushmore, where we spent a couple hours. Afterwards, we had some great Indian food, and strolled the shops of Keystone. We stopped in a rock shop and talked with the very interesting owner, who told one of the best jokes I’ve ever heard , but I will never, ever repeat. A little more souvenier shopping (becoming more of a hippie), and the back on the road.

Moving into Montana, we were striking out on gas stations. We finally came across one that was open in Lame Deer, right on the Northern border of the Cheyenne reservation. My heart broke to see these people, living in a concentration camp in the middle of nowhere, with little to no chance of ever getting out. It’s still to close to process it all in words, but a man named Larry is going to be hanging out in my heart for a long time to come.

It was getting late, and we were striking out on camping spots, so we truck-stopped it for the night, and got as much sleep as we could.


This morning, it was a ” hit the road and see how far we get” kind of day. We ended up getting a lot of ground covered, because the landscape was so incredible, we couldn’t wait to see what was behind the ne t hill. Also, we’re still pre-tourist season, so all of the museums we stopped at were closed! We did play tag with a train, passing each other several times as the road followed the tracks. We stopped for a snack outside a depot in Livingston, and saw it trade loads and head out again. We saw it a couple more times through the day after that, too! Now, we’ve made it to Missoula, where we’re enjoying lattes and Wi-Fi, till we go to our camping spot for the night.


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