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Socially Networking

March 9th, 2012 · 2 Comments · facebook, social media, video

Just wanted to give a little update on the “social networking” sites I’ve got going, so you can surround yourself with my rambling as much as possible…


I’ve got a few facebook pages going for projects I’m invloved with. Click the “like” button on any or all you may be interested in!

Twitter – The twitter updates on the sidebar don’t seem to be working, but the up to date list is at Rhythm_Art

Reverb Nation – profile with links to music/video/show schedule etc. is at andrewmunger

YouTube – Performance and educational video feed is at namunger

OK, I think that’s it! I gotta get an intern to keep all this stuff running – any volunteers? I can pay you in gum!

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  • Dirk Radloff

    Hello, you have given me some ideas with your foot-operated snare. Actually I want to set up a pure foot-drumset to play songs of The Who with me playing guitar, singing and playing drums with my feet (there is still a lot of exercising needed) Thanks and I have added you everywhere.

    Kind regards from Germany, Dirk

    ps: Read my experiences with foot-percussion at

  • Andrew

    Hi Dirk, thanks for the comment! I hope my ideas turn out to be some help for you. I find myself wishing I had more limbs to cover all the sounds I want to make, but maximizing the feet makes a big difference. I’ll be watching your blog to check out your progress. As for the exercising part, we may be on to the next fitness trend here – I feel the burn if I don’t practice regularly, for sure!

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