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Welcome to
Andrew Munger's current projects
So, for all those who have asked, here's a rundown of "what I've been up to". It would probably be impossible to make a comprehensive list, but these are the most consistent projects I find myself involved in...

Services Overview

  • Education
    • Private drum/percussion lessons (symphonic/school band, hand drums/ethnic percussion, drumset, marching) - Central Raleigh/N. Raleigh/Six Forks area
    • Group clinics, masterclasses (school groups, marching bands, praise teams, in-store demos, etc.)
    • Multi-disciplinary studies (storytelling, geographical/cultural studies, science of music)
  • Performance
    • Studio sessions/live sub. work - drumset, aux. percussion, mallets, or symphonic work
    • Remote recording services
    • Solo performances - Vibraphone (vibes) and Marimba (private parties, galleries, weddings, church services, etc.)
    • Small Group Jazz - different instrument combinations available
    • Dance accompanist - African (Malinke), Middle Eastern (Belly Dance), or Modern
  • Support services
    • Now accepting commissions for original compositions
    • Score preparation (Finale programming)
    • Arranging service (MIDI/sample based or live orchestra)
    • Djembe/hand drum repair (reheading, tuning, some shell repairs)
    • Calfskin drumhead tucking for modern or antique instruments
    • Custom sample creation for DJs and programmers

Current Engagements

  • Symphonic Percussion
  • West African/World Beat Percussion
  • Rock, Jazz, Pop Drumset
  • Mallets
    • Summerglen - vibes and trombone, duo with Christina Thompson.
    • Formation Sound - free improv. ensemble
    • Solo marimba/vibes (vibraphone) - light jazz, pop, and classical themes for private parties, gallery shows, receptions, and more. Small groups with classical guitar, trombone, saxophone, and more also available...
  • Education
    • Staff teacher (school band and hand drum specialist) at 2112 Rock School, Raleigh, NC
    • Percussion instructor, Summerglen Music.
    • Guest artist/residency program at area schools (Raleigh-Durham, NC area)
If you have questions about any of the above, or if you've got a project you're looking for some help with, let me know. There's nothing worse than being bored!